My Thoughts

Here are some thoughts on various subjects.

I hope you find them entertaining and, possibly, useful.

The Power of Myth

As a person whose formative years were the 40’s & 50’s, I grew up hearing that our brand of democracy was the answer to all of the world’s problems. When I say “our,” I’m not referring to the governmental system of any particular country, but to all the peoples...

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Dressing for Dogs

I’m on the first leg of the obligatory “Visit-relates-after-loss” trip.  Since the passing of my wife a couple of years ago, they’ve all assumed that the first thing on my agenda should be a visit to their digs.  I don’t know where they got that idea, but it seemed...

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Not a poet # 1

OD’d in Denver I fed my dog catnip To keep her calm on the plane But she OD’d in Denver And can’t even remember her name She was cool on the journey, But in the hotel, found the catnip bag in my grip, Tore it open And took her own little trip Now I have to...

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Something has to be done

Enough is enough! Things have gotten out of hand; change is necessary. if it takes armed rebellion, then so be it. I refer, of course, to the deplorable state of health care in Canada. The malaise is societal; private & government agencies both contribute. I’ll...

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Breaking the cycle of insanity

Last Wednesday was a beautiful experience.  I spent most of the day higher than a kite.  It wasn’t drug or alcohol induced, it was a real high – the euphoria that accompanies finding yourself on a higher spiritual plane than the one to which you are accustomed. There...

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Life after kids & career.

I was 77 last April and I’m having a blast! I’m having the time of my life since I left the workforce and, frankly, I’m surprised. As a youngster, I dreaded getting old. The old people I knew were grumpy; they weren’t having much fun. I didn’t...

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