Short Stories

Here is a collection of my short stories.

I hope you enjoy them.

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“Death Star On Collision Course With Earth” was the headline for the weekend edition of The National Exaggerator. The ensuing article cited a paper published in a “scientific journal” by one Goeff Manfred. Since the policy of this publication was to not burden...

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Gone Postal

Hey, he’s gone postal. Here he comes. Looka them guns. Looka them eyes! The image is probably clear in your mind. An armed, deranged person is opening fire on a room full of people. That’s what “Going Postal” has come to mean. I can tell you...

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The Gift

Paul has just lost his wife. Now there is nothing left to do. After a busy life of getting an education, raising a family while building a career, and, finally, supporting a wife until she lost her battle with cancer, it’s all done. There is nothing left to do....

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