It is a terrible awakening to find yourself responsible for the future of mankind, but that’s what happened to Colin Magruder. Happily married, with the kids out on their own, and the bills paid, a comfortable retirement appeared to be in the offing when induction into the unthinkable intruded. A third generation member of “The Lodge”, (a fictional society loosely based on the Masons) he enjoyed the ceremonies and camaraderie, but never thought of it as anything more than an association that gave good men the opportunity to become better. Now, he’s been ushered into the organization’s highest echelon – called the April Generals – and discovers that the lodge’s roots reach back into the mists of antiquity where it has been standing, for centuries, between the human race and annihilation.

This is a work in progress about an ordinary guy who—over the course of a single day—finds himself in a position to determine whether or not the human race will survive.

The novel is about 70% complete. The button below will take you to the first draft. First drafts are always full of typos, misspellings, notes to self and other stuff that won’t be on the finished manuscript, so don’t let ’em throw you. And, you might find the view into how a writer works interesting.

I’d appreciate any comments you might have about the effort thusfar.